Kari and friends catch sharks two at a time (Double hook-up)

Kari and two of her lifelong friends were in Miami this March for an adventure to remember.  That day we got out early with live bait and we caught several jacks, barracudas, and a snook.  We were ready for the sharks.  It was a windy day, but we were ready for some shark fishing in the shallow waters.  We were headed to one of my favorite spots when we ran across a dolphin that was tangled in a lobster trap line.  We rescued the mammal and took a few pictures.  Unfortunately, during the process, the motor steering line was damaged.  We had to steer the boat by hand; what fun.  We went to a closer spot, and within minutes, these girls had boated two (2) nurse sharks.  One right after the next.  Great pics and then we let them both swim free.

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Meet Elizabeth and her first Lemon Shark

Saturday, New Year’s Eve 2016, I hosted Elizabeth Anderson.  She is a medical student from BYU and she had a goal to catch her first shark. She is driven and set up the tour herself.  She found me on Instagram and set up the tour within 24 hours.  We stared out from Crandon Park Marina and right away we caught some bait (menhaden).  Next step was to catch some fish a little higher in the food chain.  She caught a Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda, and a Jack Crevelle.  Things were going as planned.  We headed out to the flats where we had caught a nice shark on Thursday.  The tide was a little late and the sharks were not moving or feeding yet.  We jumped in the water and grabbed a starfish for a photo.  Elizabeth has all the nice pictures to prove it, but still no shark.  We were running out of time.  I decided to change locations all together.  We ran about 30 minutes towards downtown where there is a secluded hidden spot.  When we arrived, we saw two lemon sharks.  Excited and eager to catch her first shark, we set out three lines and within 5 minutes, the line was screaming out.  Elizabeth handled the rod well and maneuvered the shark close to the boat so we could grab him by the tail and bring him onboard for a photo shoot.  We captured lots of photos and then release him to fight another day.  This photo of her 5 ft, 85 lbs lemon shak is her favorite!  What a nice adventure.  Another “bucket list” item was checked off that day.

Bucket List item checked

Bucket List item checked

How many guys does it take to raise a shark overhead?

Thursday I hosted some friends from our military services.  These guys served  together in Afghanistan. I listened to some great stories and I felt honored to be able to put them on some fish.  Mike, from Western Texas, had never fished in the ocean.  He is the one with the Shark.  We started offshore and caught six (6) kingfish and Adam hooked a monster of a shark that was just too strong for the line.  Later w were joined by Joanne, Adam's wife, and we visited the flats, had a great lunch, and caught the big shark in the picture.  Great weather in December.  Can't wait to do it again. 

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