Kari and friends catch sharks two at a time (Double hook-up)

Kari and two of her lifelong friends were in Miami this March for an adventure to remember.  That day we got out early with live bait and we caught several jacks, barracudas, and a snook.  We were ready for the sharks.  It was a windy day, but we were ready for some shark fishing in the shallow waters.  We were headed to one of my favorite spots when we ran across a dolphin that was tangled in a lobster trap line.  We rescued the mammal and took a few pictures.  Unfortunately, during the process, the motor steering line was damaged.  We had to steer the boat by hand; what fun.  We went to a closer spot, and within minutes, these girls had boated two (2) nurse sharks.  One right after the next.  Great pics and then we let them both swim free.

Logo Kari Friends Nurse.jpg